Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oliver's Labels: All NEW! Nickelodeon Designs Now Available!!

Oliver's Labels: All NEW! Nickelodeon Designs Now Available!!: Is your kid dizzy for Dora? Silly for SpongeBob? Bonkers for Bubble Guppies? We know you love our labels and now you can get them in your k...

For all your orders please go to:
Free shipping within Canada plus it only takes 2 days to get you:)

*Also, ask me how you can get an extra 10% off at checkout...thank you!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Storytime Sessions |

Need to fill up your summer days with the kids?  Head to the nearest Public Library for some story time.  Perfect before nap time:)   Check out the link below for hours and locations to better plan your day.  Suitable for ages 3-5yrs....However, theres a time for the little ones 2yrs and under depending on location.  Enjoy your summer!!!

Summer Storytime Sessions |

Public Computer Training |

Do you want to learn some computer skills or just perhaps poilish the skills you already possess but havent touched up on them in awhile.  We all know that being a mom is a full time job, but technology wont wait for us, so we have to be in the know and ready to apply ourselves when need be.  Very useful, especially if you're on maternity leave and would like to keep up to date with technology, or just to be able to help your kids with their homework, as todays homework is technologically advanced unlike during our days of good old paper and pencil.  Here is a link to the Public libraries in your area that are offering this of charge, must register in advance...see details below!!!

Public Computer Training |
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