Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Walk-in closet to Home Office

Still in the process of converting a walk-in closet into a home office...what do you think?  Needs a few more touches and itll be done...thought id give you a sneak peek:)  Coming soon!!!

Mag Stand to Towel Rack

My latest thing is turning a magazine stand in to a towel rack...do you love it? Very simple...no labour needed(lol)...just switch!!!   My bathroom colors are black, white and turquoise...i love mixing patterns; hence, the zebra rug and the towels.   Will post full bathroom once im done with the decor.  Hope i can inspire some, as you inspire me...ok, if you like, get switching:)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oliver's Labels: All NEW! Nickelodeon Designs Now Available!!

Oliver's Labels: All NEW! Nickelodeon Designs Now Available!!: Is your kid dizzy for Dora? Silly for SpongeBob? Bonkers for Bubble Guppies? We know you love our labels and now you can get them in your k...

For all your orders please go to: http://www.oliverslabels.com/jmshurland
Free shipping within Canada plus it only takes 2 days to get you:)

*Also, ask me how you can get an extra 10% off at checkout...thank you!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer Storytime Sessions | hpl.ca

Need to fill up your summer days with the kids?  Head to the nearest Public Library for some story time.  Perfect before nap time:)   Check out the link below for hours and locations to better plan your day.  Suitable for ages 3-5yrs....However, theres a time for the little ones 2yrs and under depending on location.  Enjoy your summer!!!

Summer Storytime Sessions | hpl.ca

Public Computer Training | hpl.ca

Do you want to learn some computer skills or just perhaps poilish the skills you already possess but havent touched up on them in awhile.  We all know that being a mom is a full time job, but technology wont wait for us, so we have to be in the know and ready to apply ourselves when need be.  Very useful, especially if you're on maternity leave and would like to keep up to date with technology, or just to be able to help your kids with their homework, as todays homework is technologically advanced unlike during our days of good old paper and pencil.  Here is a link to the Public libraries in your area that are offering this program...free of charge, must register in advance...see details below!!!

Public Computer Training | hpl.ca

Saturday, April 26, 2014

momstown Hamilton Community Celebration April 27th-Free Tickets | momstown Hamilton

momstown Hamilton Community Celebration April 27th-Free Tickets | momstown Hamilton

Lego love or war?

Is lego a 'love' or a 'war' in your house?  In my house, it is a little bit of a war right now...depending on which side of the bed I wake up on these days, i may wake up with a piece of lego in my face, barely missing my eye, slide over a piece in the shower, or i may just step on a piece of lego on my way downstairs?   Either way, there's way too much lego than i can handle in my house...

It just so happens that both my kids are in love with lego at the moment: I love the fact that it keeps them busy and that, they can get creative at the same time.   I love that i can take them to different lego workshops hosted by different vendors i.e Toys R Us as well lego programs hosted by HPL  Not to mention, the lovely lego events by Indigo/Chapters  

So, however much of a war, lego is in my house right now, I cant help but facilitate things for my kids to be able to do what they love most, even if it is for awhile...that is what Moms do, right?!!

  To all the moms out there battling lego wars, remember that it is only for a while, and Enjoy it while it lasts.   Also dont forget to check your local listings for the next Lego event, program or workshop...They say, "If you cant beat them, join them!"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Organize your Rainbow Loom

Found a pretty neat carrier that has the loom organized pretty well, and my daughter can bring it with her to her friends to share ideas.  It has the top sectional part that is removable to reveal the bottom part where you can store your equipment.  Im pretty sure i got this from Michaels a little while ago for other purposes, but thought it worked great with this as well.  If you're having trouble finding an organizing kit for your "Rainbow Loom", find it at http://www.michaels.com

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My new 'It' thing: Reading Nooks

Pictured above is a work-in-progress  'reading nook' that im creating for my kids.  I think its very important to promote reading to our children because that, i believe, is the key to the 'future'.  This was a closet that wasnt being used appropriately, so i figured why not be creative and come with something that we can actually use?  Not only can the kids go here to read, but Mommy or Daddy can read to them as well...i just love it.  Watch this space for an update, as i wrap up the final product...Btw, Its a jungle/safari theme to reflect my 4yr old son, with a dash of color to acknowledge my 6yr old daughter, who reminds me of a rainbow:)

DIY Rainbow Loom

Every kids favorite new "It" thing is the RAINBOW LOOM.  Truthfully, even i have fallen in love it with it, as i find myself watching the "how to" videos with my 6yr old daughter:)   My daughter has taken greatly to this new trend, and i love it because it keeps her busy and creative...whatever keeps my kids focused, i love it!  I've put together a few tutorials from my favorite websites...take a look!!!


COMING SOON: How to Organize your Rainbow Loom

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