Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kids trending styles

I wanted to share my picks for kids style fall/winter featuring my lovely daughter, who has an eye for fashion and loves to show off her style...I say, dont be afraid to mix patterns: stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid etc;  throw on a piece of faux fur or faux leather, as well as sparkle for that special occasion.  More looks to come...Spring looks!!!

The Laid back look

The Playfully Sassy look

The holiday look

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Organize your Rainbow Loom

Found a pretty neat carrier that has the loom organized pretty well, and my daughter can bring it with her to her friends to share ideas.  It has the top sectional part that is removable to reveal the bottom part where you can store your equipment.  Im pretty sure i got this from Michaels a little while ago for other purposes, but thought it worked great with this as well.  If you're having trouble finding an organizing kit for your "Rainbow Loom", find it at

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My new 'It' thing: Reading Nooks

Pictured above is a work-in-progress  'reading nook' that im creating for my kids.  I think its very important to promote reading to our children because that, i believe, is the key to the 'future'.  This was a closet that wasnt being used appropriately, so i figured why not be creative and come with something that we can actually use?  Not only can the kids go here to read, but Mommy or Daddy can read to them as well...i just love it.  Watch this space for an update, as i wrap up the final product...Btw, Its a jungle/safari theme to reflect my 4yr old son, with a dash of color to acknowledge my 6yr old daughter, who reminds me of a rainbow:)

DIY Rainbow Loom

Every kids favorite new "It" thing is the RAINBOW LOOM.  Truthfully, even i have fallen in love it with it, as i find myself watching the "how to" videos with my 6yr old daughter:)   My daughter has taken greatly to this new trend, and i love it because it keeps her busy and creative...whatever keeps my kids focused, i love it!  I've put together a few tutorials from my favorite websites...take a look!!!

COMING SOON: How to Organize your Rainbow Loom

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mimis Lootbags and Party Designs: The Giveaway

Mimis Lootbags and Party Designs: The Giveaway: An amazing giveaway featuring  Mimi's Lootbags ,  Glitterbug Face and Body Art ,   Precious Portraits Photography by Heather Master...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Easy school lunches

Are you still struggling with school lunches for your children? Worry not, and look no further...i have come across an amazing website with over 100 lunch ideas:)  I would like to share this awesome website with goes: Easy lunch boxes

Having trouble with the above link, try this:

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